AST engine

This is open source 3D engine with up-to-date graphics and physics. It can be a base for a game or other 3D programes and demos.


After a long period of time Engine v.0.2.8 is released and avaible for download.
New features are:
1. Skinned mesh import and export.
2. New flexible material system
3. New .amdl and .asmdl formats
4. Particle systems are fully functionable
5. Occlusion culling
6. Resource cashing
7. VSM shadow mapping was replaced with PCF 2x2 snd 3x3.
In february, after exams, the version 0.2.9 will be released and the site will move to .com!

Version 0.2.7 is about to be released!
Source code is avaible now. All demos update to 0.2.7 version.
0.2.7 version has terrain from height map with LODs and quad tree.
I have almost finished a demo using this terrain.

Other changes:
1. Fixed bug with engine exit
2. Big changes in Scene and Light classes

I replaced GPL license with zlib/libpng based license. Now AST engine can be used in commercial projects.

CG was completely replaced with GLSL.

Added water with refraction and physics in Sponza demo and in engine source.

Verion 0.2.6 engine released and avaible to download.
I`ve made HDR rendering and floating point textures support, added GLSL shaders support.
AST_engine Sponza demo is updated too. Now it will run on computers without MSVC installed :)
I ve made a new interesting demo using my engine - Mandelbrot set demo.

It uses GLSL shaders and looks very interesting.
Requires PS 3.0 support (fragment shader uses while cycle).
Everything is avaible in download section.

Big update.
Verion 0.2.5 engine released and can be found in download section.
And AST_engine Sponza demo is released too.
The minimal system requirements are: GeForce FX and up(6 series recommended), Radeon 9500 and up.
The plugin for the 3dsmax model export is ready too, but it is unstable yet and soon will be updated, like the other engine components.

Finally I changed my old Radeon X700Pro on XFX GeForce 7600GT.

It gives my some new interesting technologies: FP16, FP32, Shader model 3.0.

Site has opened.
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